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Aqui una Otaku!! Corran!! DD:
Yunan Magi: The Kingdom of Magic - Episode 25

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Some place to be at peace.

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Yorozuya + Shinsengumi + this dork Katsura

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if you don’t think this is the coolest shit…..

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"I don’t want to see others happy.”

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Look Yato is jealous XD ¬‿¬

Noragami iPhone 5 Background 

Feel free to use these ; v ;  I wanted a Noragami background for my phone but I couldn’t find so I decided why not make my own? I’ll be posting up more soon but for now these are just a few that I’ve made (click on the photo to view it’s full size before saving otherwise the quality will look like poop) ( more anime iPhone backgrounds ) 

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